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Yoga Shows The Way
August 2016
August 18th, 2016

Satsang is the essence of yogic and spiritual life. The word sat means truth and sang means association. Thus satsang means association with the truth.

Satsang will bring about conscious and unconscious changes in your being. It will inspire you and bring about the changes in your attitudes. It will open up new horizon and vistas; you will start to see new meaning and potential in life. Slowly it can transform your understanding and perception of your own being.

Life will start to show new, undreamt of promise. Living with awareness of truth in every action and incident of life. It means that one's being is submerged in awareness of truth. This will help seekers bringing order and sense to life. With good reason, it is said that spiritual life or rebirth begin with Satsang.


Upcoming Program

Nataraja Bali Yoga Satsang 2016 - Going back to nature and experiencing it with us once more. From the front gardens of mighty Himalayas in Ladakh during Nataraja Himalayan Yoga Festival last year to the slope of sacred Mount Agung on the Island of Bali.

Base camp of our Nataraja Bali Yoga Satsang 2016 was carefully choosen to fulfill one of our main goals: to reconnect with nature, all the senses and elements; most of all is to feel the power of present, here and now. We give ourselves to the nature unconditionally.

Nature will ground us and from that grounding we feed ourselves energetically, we calm and clear our minds. We practice more aware, we breath more inside, we stretch our limit a bit more, we listen, we absorb knowledge, we cook and eat with our hearts and everything we do and feel will become more conscious.

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