“simple living, higher thinking”
June 8th, 2021
Learn the art of conscious breathing through an immersive 15-hour course spread over four days that aims to empower you with proper breathing techniques. Pranayama, ... more
June 4th, 2021
How does one direct the mind to gain more clarity towards a greater goal? The starting point is within and the possibilities are endless. Humans are gifted with the ability to manifest and transform, ... more
May 12th, 2021
Introducing Nataraja Yoga Teacher Training Course, a value-based, balanced, integrated, and Spiritual Education. This is a Classical Yoga Teacher Training Course designed to establish a strong foundation. The course specializes in Ashtanga ... more
March 18th, 2020
In light of the global shift, we want to provide you access to peace and health in the comfort of your own home. No matter where you are in the world, we trust that ... more
July 3rd, 2019
Om Hanumate Namah   Hanuman endows us with the Atma-Shakti or Self-Power to realize our highest potential and accomplish what is magical. Hanuman is the great hero of the Ramayana, ... more
May 20th, 2016
This is the story of how and why Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu was born. Prajapati Kashyapa undertook a sacrifice ... more
April 1st, 2016
A man who has no endurance soon falls apart. But someone who wears the shield of endurance finds that life's constant battering only makes him stronger." ~Osho I have heard...&... more
February 17th, 2016
Sound when stretched is music. Movement when stretched is dance. Mind when stretched is meditation. Life when stretched is celebration. – Ravi Shankar   &... more