“simple living, higher thinking”
Nataraja Yoga Bali
Nilesh R Tiwari
Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga)
Yoga Shiromani
Nilesh R. Tiwari's journey to yoga has taken him through myriad philosophical thought systems and practices that fuel his life's devotion for practice and learning. He began studying Yoga asanas in school. He spent many years studying Yoga in various Ashrams around India under various Gurus. Throughout the years, he became fascinated by the both rigor and the subtle forms within the traditional Indian Yoga systems and practices. He earned the title Yoga Acharya - Master of Yoga from International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram. Nilesh also teaches in the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and is certified by BNS Iyengar from Mysore.

A former athlete, he has deep interest in the human body combined with keen observation skills and precise hands-on adjustment style. He understands the challenges and also the accessibility of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Mysore method Yoga Therapy and Sivananda style. His teaching style is infused with kindness and humility, simplicity and lightheartedness. Nilesh strives to create a class environment that is non-intimidating, cheerful, inquisitive and one in which students are encourage to challenge themselves, and grow with the practice.

The teaching of Nilesh is based of physical, metaphysical and spiritual development & inner well-being. His effort is to keep the valuable ancient and tradition alive, as well as to spread message of yoga in a scientific and systematic manner. The aim is to achieve peace, health and happiness through yoga and celebration. His style is simple and lighthearted in class environment that is cheerful and inquisitive, in which students are encouraged to challenge themselves and grow with the practice.

Nilesh's shala: Nataraja Yoga Bali is located in Bali, Indonesia. He hosts various retreats, workshops and organizes festival of retreats in India and various other countries.

Om shanti, shanti, shantii
Yuli Tan
Yoga Teacher
Yuli Tan
Long before Yoga became her life, Yuli was living and working abroad in Seattle (USA) when a chiropractor had suggested it as a way for her to maintain her spinal adjustment. Yuli took the recommendation and eventually started attending Yoga classes consistently. However, upon returning to her hometown of Jakarta (Indonesia), Yuli quickly found that the local Yoga classes offered had very differing styles than the ones she was used to and enjoyed. Unable to find someone teaching the methodology she was seeking, Yuli stopped practicing Yoga momentarily.

It was not until a friend invited her to a class Nilesh was teaching that Yuli re-discovered her love for Yoga. She found Nilesh's practical, hands-on and health-focused approach to Yoga to be immediately beneficial and precisely what she felt had been missing from the other Yoga classes.

Despite a temporary work transfer to Hong Kong quite shortly after their meeting, Yuli remained deeply inspired and motivated by Nilesh's teaching. She continued her practices regularly and has since stayed dedicated to her passion in Yoga. Today, Yuli practices Yoga under the guidance of Nilesh in Jakarta.

Om Shanti

Devita Handini
Hatha, Yin
Devita has experience more than 6 years on being yoga practitioner and instructor in Indonesia.
Avi Basuki
Yoga Teacher
Avi started her journey in yoga when she met Lino Miele in 2001 in one of his workshops in Milan. It was love at first sight with Astanga yoga, and she has been practicing ever since.
Through the challenges of life she finds yoga to always be a safe space, a “place” she calls HOME.
After meeting with many influential teachers in her path ; Patthabi Jois, Manju Jois, David Swenson, Prem & Radha, David Goulet, Nilesh Tiwari, she finally met Danny Paradise and was introduced to shamanism, which has actually been flowing in her ancestry for decades from her traditional Javanese family, overloaded with shamans, rituals, spirits and esoteric practices.
After decades of avoiding things that she can’t (and maybe didn’t want to see), Avi has finally embraced shamanism and studied the technology, now feeling completely at home and “at one” sharing this path to the true self.