“Yoga of Herbs and Spices”
Yogic Kitchen
Yoga of Herbs and Spices
For thousands of years, mothers across cultures have been relentlessly connecting herb and spices to come up with food that nourish and heal for their family. Kitchens become domestic clinics. Innumerable recipes from traditional kitchen had been passed down to generations.
In India, the science of life: Ayurveda, has been used as the base for healthy, balance, and conscious living. All substances found in nature have medicinal value when used in proper manner.
Various herbs and spices are used as special foods, serving to eliminate excesses, strenghten deficiencies, and bring out specific effect upon the body and mind. The purpose of these remedies is to bring balance factors in the body into harmony so that our body able to eliminate the cause of the disease.
Our food is prepared by using Ayurvedic principles. Utilizing each ingredients to their best potential to create balance on each meal. Through adjusting the balance of diet only, many health problems are alleviated.