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The mind is a malleable organ that is balanced on the tip of the spine, and mental creativity is directly linked to the spinal column. Therefore, the spine is one of the most vital parts of the human body and when it develops complications, multiple problems can occur. This is especially the case for people who spend many hours at their desks and are susceptible to developing bad posture and becoming stressed and fatigued, which over time can lead to chronic back pain. Revitalise Your Health is a 4 h workshop designed for those who want to taste the art of yoga for improving spine flexibility and mind malleability. You will also experience cooked comforting Ayurvedic meals from the Vedic Kitchen, adjacent to the shala.


This workshop is well suited for those who want to enhance the fluidity and adaptive quality of the mind and the flexibility of the spine column, as well as for people who are creatively seeking additional inspiration. It is also ideal for those who just want to practice more back bending safely and without hurting themselves. The immersion is designed for both yoga beginners and people with back pain.


Yoga is emerging as a promising mode of holistic treatment for back pain and for enhancing spine health to prevent future problems. This specialized practice is focused on lengthening and opening the spine backward, forwards and sideways. You will be introduced to the art of safe and deep back-bending postures for the opening of your pelvis, hip flexors, upper back, and shoulders. Specific Yogic breathing techniques are taught to enhance awareness of breath and develop concentration for an energized and balanced body.


At the end of this workshop, you will have the tools to:

  • Improve physical and mental health;
  • Improve the flexibility of the lower, middle and upper back which includes the lumbar region as well as the limbic system;
  • Develop a stronger and more flexible back to lead healthier lifestyles;
  • Better understanding of the mind, body, emotion and soul connection through meditation;
  • Learn how to reprogram your unconscious habits through breath.

The 4-hour workshop includes:

  • Welcome Tea and Introduction;
  • Guidance to Silent Masala Chai Meditation;
  • Spine Shakti - Yoga for Back Care;
  • Prana Shakti - Yogic Breath Work;
  • Dialogue on the Importance of Spine Care Through the Lens of Yoga;
  • Vegetarian Thali - Ayurvedic Meal.
about the teacher

Having trained in renowned ashrams in India, Nilesh's teaching is based on physical, metaphysical and spiritual development and inner wellbeing. His mission is to keep the valuable ancient yogic tradition alive, as well as to make yoga accessible for all by creating a joyful environment where students are encouraged to challenge themselves and grow with their practice.


This workshop is designed for groups of between 5 to 15 people, and it is priced at IDR 1,100,000 / USD 70 per person. Nataraja Bali Yoga Shala is not responsible for transportation, accommodation and visa to Bali.

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