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Yoga Therapy Programme

Under the instruction of teacher Nilesh Tiwari, the Yoga Therapy Programme blends personalised yoga sessions with a variety of other classical yoga techniques to bring you a harmonious state of body, mind and soul. Yoga Therapy offers profound techniques for living with awareness and clarity in an immersive combination of movement, meditation, breathing techniques and healing practices.


As we move through a normal day, we are exposed to all kinds of energy drainers such as technology overload, travel delays and traffic, negativity, stressful news, pollution and unhealthy food. It is no secret that when we are out of balance, our energy levels and mental agility suffer. Surrounded by stress and distraction, we often neglect how important our health is. Our daily rhythm and routine are crucial elements for our health and wellbeing and for the health of our family and loved ones too. 


This programme incorporates Nataraja's core components of “Simple Living, Higher Thinking” to heal and bring harmony to the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being. The goal is to achieve a state of awareness where one is useful to oneself and Nature. If you’re looking for mindfulness through movement, meditation and healing practices then this programme is perfect for regaining your health.


This programme is based on the five main areas of the Classical Yoga system:

  1. Proper Exercise;
  2. Proper Breathing;
  3. Proper Relaxation;
  4. Proper Diet;
  5. Positive Thinking & Meditation Techniques.

Together, these five principles develop in the student a state of ideal body health, peace of mind and mental stability, intellectual clarity and higher spiritual knowledge.


This programme is perfect if you want to:

  • switch off from a busy lifestyle and focus your attention back on your own body;
  • improve yourself mentally and physically;
  • increase your strength and flexibility;
  • alleviate body aches and pains as a result of prolonged sedentary life or injuries;
  • improve your posture;
  • develop your physical and mental strength.



Upon completion of this Yoga Therapy program, you are expected to:

  • Regain your health, overcome aches and pains;
  • Improve your strength, flexibility and coordination;
  • appreciate being in the "present moment", and feel at one with nature;
  • better understand the mind, body, emotion and soul connection - benefited from the mentally calming effects of meditation;
  • learn about the transformative powers of Pranayama breathwork;
  • feel more able to overcome anxiety;
  • improve the quality of sleep;
About the teacher

The teaching of Nilesh is based on physical, metaphysical and spiritual development and inner wellbeing. His mission is to keep the valuable and ancient and tradition alive, as well as to spread the message of yoga in a scientific and systematic manner. His style is simple and lighthearted in a class environment that is cheerful and inquisitive, where students are encouraged to challenge themselves and grow with the practice.

4/6 week Yoga Therapy inclusions

10 Private Yoga Therapy yoga sessions - personalized yoga sessions guided by Nilesh and tailored to your specific health needs;

2 Dedicated consultations - get feedback on your progress, make adjustments and gain clarity for the journey ahead;

Yoga Therapy programme rate

USD 1200 for 10 private Session


Peace . Love . Light .