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29 Jan 2023 - 04 Feb 2023
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Tuesday, 31st January 2023
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Thursday, 02nd February 2023
Spine Shakti - Yoga for Back Care( Ultimate Freedom )
Nilesh R Tiwari
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Back bending is a specialized practice that is focused on lengthening and opening the spine backward, forwards and sideways. Nilesh will introduce you to the art of caring for your back through safe and deep back bending postures for the opening of your pelvis, hip flexors, upper back, and shoulders.

This class is for people who wish to improve the flexibility of the lower, middle and upper back which includes the lumbar region as well as the limbic system. Spine Shakti Yoga is also ideal for those who just want to practice more back bending safely and without hurting themselves.

The mind is a malleable organ that is balanced on the tip of the spine, and mental creativity is directly linked to the spinal column. This practice is well suited for those who want to enhance the fluidity and adaptive quality of the mind as well as for people who are creatively seeking for additional inspiration.
Friday, 03rd February 2023
Saturday, 04th February 2023