“satyam shivam sundaram”
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05 Jul 2020 - 11 Jul 2020
Sunday, 05th July 2020
Monday, 06th July 2020
Tuesday, 07th July 2020
Wednesday, 08th July 2020
Thursday, 09th July 2020
Mysore Style
Nilesh R Tiwari
Tradition training style as taught in Mysore, India. Independent practice according to student performance level. Teacher provides adjustment, support, correction and consider individual each student individual needs.
Friday, 10th July 2020
Spine Shakti Yoga - Back Care
Nilesh R Tiwari
Back bending is a specialized practice that is focused on lengthening and opening the spine backward, forwards and sideways. Nilesh will introduce you to the art of caring for your back through safe and deep back bending postures for the opening of your pelvis, hip flexors, upper back, and shoulders. This class is for people who wish to improve the flexibility of the lower, middle and upper back which includes the lumbar region as well as the limbic system. Spine Shakti Yoga is also ideal for those who just want to practice more back bending safely and without hurting themselves. The mind is a malleable organ that is balanced on the tip of the spine, and mental creativity is directly linked to the spinal column. This practice is well suited for those who want to enhance the fluidity and adaptive quality of the mind as well as for people who are creatively seeking for additional inspiration.
Saturday, 11th July 2020
Sahaja Yoga
Nilesh R Tiwari
The Sahaja bliss is only oneness of emotions – it is oneness in all. From Joy there is some bliss, from Perfect Joy yet more. From the Joy of Cessation comes a passionless state. The Joy of Sahaja is finality, allowing the simplicity of one’s natural state. Known as Yoga of Relaxation, it is a blissful complement to an active lifestyle as well as any other form of yoga. The gentle flow of movements will help you unwind, breathe more consciously and turn inward. One will experience deep renewal and learn practices that can be continued to use in everyday life to create balance. The focus of the class is to relax the mind and body. Nilesh will share various relaxation techniques to remove tension that is stored physically and mentally - guiding you to unlock blockages from various parts of your body, releasing tension and stiffness from the muscles and bones. Sahaja postures give an opportunity for deeper tissues, such as connective and fascia, to release long-held tensions, allowing for the prana (life force) to flow more easily through previously blocked areas, increasing overall energy and well-being. Join us for the Sahaja Yoga Workshop to release, relax and reconnect with your inner peace. Donation-based participation is available. Kindly apply here: https://bit.ly/NatarajaDonationClasses