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Pranayama: The Beginning
"Conscious Breathing: The Art of Inhalation and Exhalation"
December 16th, 2021

Learn the art of conscious breathing through an immersive 16-hour course spread over four days that aims to empower you with proper breathing techniques.


Pranayama, the Beginning online course will combine traditional yogic practice and wisdom with a scientific approach and psychological understanding, that will give you insight and guidance into conscious breathing and its practice. You will learn specific exercises that increase your oxygen intake, boost circulation and stimulate vibrant health.


In this training, Nilesh Tiwari will teach you the techniques to work with the subtler levels of the self and learn to tap into a "higher state" of being. Practice the yogic way of breathwork from anywhere in the world to improve your state of mind and health.


Pranayama: the science of breath control.


Pranayama is one of the 8 limbs or aspects of Yoga. "Prana" is the life force within us and "ayama" means to regulate. Pranayama is therefore the regulation or extension of life force using the breath. Prana flows through thousands of energy channels (nadis) and energy centers (chakras) in our bodies, as oxygen influx fills the respiratory system, the psychic system is expanded, which brings deep benefits to the parasympathetic nervous system. It is a cosmic language through which we can explore, experience, and embrace the essence of our Existence. Your breath is connecting you to your body, and connecting to that breath works like a bridge between you and the universe.


The modern way of living comes with consequences such as competition, fear, and anxiety, which does affect our health in general, especially the respiratory system, not allowing it to work properly. As a result, it puts us out of touch with the natural life rhythm and does not encourage correct breathing. The Pranayama breathing techniques aim to enhance awareness of breath, develop concentration, and energize and balance the body.


About the teacher, Nilesh Tiwari:


The teachings of Nilesh are based on physical, metaphysical, and spiritual development and inner well-being. His effort is to keep the valuable ancient and tradition alive, as well as to spread the message of yoga in a scientific and systematic manner. His style is simple and lighthearted in a class environment that is cheerful and inquisitive, in which students are encouraged to challenge themselves and grow with the practice.


Topics covered:


1 - The science behind the breath;
2 - Irregularities caused by the mind;
3 - Breathing capacities;
4 - Three basic mechanisms for breathing completely;
5 - Full Yogic Breathing


4 days Online Pranayama Course for Beginners include:

  • 4 x Pranayama classes (total of 8 hours)- Learn the science behind the breath and blockages of the mind. Understand the breathing capacities and the three basic mechanisms for breathing completely, culminating in a Full Yogic Breathing technique;
  • E-guide and worksheet (total of 4 hours)- receive daily course content, exercises, and support material for your journey;
  • 4 x Yoga Asana classes (total of 4 hours)- embrace the full yogic experience with weekly traditional online Yoga Asana classes. Highly recommended to take alongside the Pranayama exercises.


Pranayama, the Beginning online class schedule:


Saturday, 5th Feb 2022

  • Pranayama class - 2 hours
  • Self-study - 1 hour


Sunday, 6th Feb 2022

  • Pranayama class - 2 hours
  • Self-study - 1 hour
  • Yoga Asana class - 1 hour


Saturday, 12th Feb 2022

  • Pranayama class - 2 hours
  • Self-study - 1 hour


Sunday, 13th Feb 2022

  • Pranayama class - 2 hours
  • Self-study - 1 hour
  • Self-study time is a suggestion, please accommodate to your schedule as necessary to complete the full 4 hours. Yoga Asana online classes are taught on weekdays, you will have 4 passes to use within a month from the beginning of the course. Please check the online yoga schedule and book a class here https://www.natarajayogabali.com/event/online-class




USD $150 or IDR2,100,000




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