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Nataraja Celebration
March 31st, 2018

One year ago Nataraja found a special place under the Bali sun to call home. In the past 360 days Nataraja has held its doors open from the heart, inviting students, searchers, seers and the curious to explore a deeper connection to themselves and to others. Nataraja was founded with the yoga philosophy “Simple Living, Higher Thinking”, believing that simple living with nature will stimulate higher thinking, a high-vibration state of vitality that impacts how we live, work and play.

As we tune our hearts, minds and bodies we open ourselves up to the true rhythm of joy and the beat of celebration. It’s to this single beat that we dreamt up a 3 day Anniversary Celebration to share and rejoice with new and old friends. This intimate weekend festival stays true to our vision of enrichment and evolution, inviting scholars, yogis, spiritual leaders, international DJ’s and friends from all walks of life to create an unscripted, spontaneous, one-of-a-kind experience.

In the spirit of compassion, Nataraja proposes a new pricing structure based on the principles of harmony. As an organization for social change, Nataraja depends on a balanced exchange from guests and collaborators. It is with trust and love that we open up this space for you to give freely, with intuition as your guide. We value human connection and believe the essence of celebration cannot be tagged and labeled.

We look forward to sharing and co-creating our 1st Anniversary Celebration with you!

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